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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Truffles in Other Places

This week, I'm taking a little side trip to other truffle information.  I'll do some organizing of my thoughts and write more about Keep Your Fork Farm and Truffles NC next time but thought you might be interested in this website.  Opinions (theirs and ours) vary.
I get emails regularly from a truffle importer in Chicago who reps for honey truffles - among others.  I'm interested because I've considered making truffle honey.  Just thought you might like to read about these and other truffle treasures.  Enjoy!
natural truffle zonenatural truffle zone
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We are passionate about truffles and we wanted to share some of its mysteries. Although they were appreciated since the Ancient Age, remain great unknown. Diamonds of gastronomy, originated in the poorest lands, truffles are underground and specially trained dogs are used for harvesting them.

Tuber melanosporum, diamond of gastronomy Duna, winner truffle dog
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