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Monday, September 26, 2011

While We're Waiting for Truffles, Let's Talk about Truffle Flavors

Mini jars, 35 grams of butter & truffle
When attending my first meeting of the North Carolina Specialty Food Association last week, I was given the opportunity to introduce myself and say a few words about our product.  I wish I had thought to say, "It's the real thing every time all the time."  More and more I am coming to understand how few folks in my area have really tasted truffles or fallen under their spell.

You see, a lot of folks who have tasted truffle flavored dishes or bought truffle oil or other truffle products really haven't tasted truffles.  They have tasted truffle flavoring and there's a BIG difference.  Truffles (Black Winter Perigord Truffles) have a flavor that's almost impossible to describe.  Some of the words I have used are "earthy, mushroomy, musky, nutty and olive-like" but none of those words really describe the truffle flavor.  It's a powerful flavor and aroma but it isn't like "truffle flavoring."  It's not that it isn't good -- it's just very different.

Next time you buy a truffle something, ask some questions.  See if you're getting the real thing or something that's just truffle flavored.

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