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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Truffle Season is Just Around the Corner

This time of year gets plumb beautiful around here.  We live in the Sauratown Mountains and the leaves get so pretty in fall, you really don't have to go anywhere to get your fill of fall beauty.  Of course, it's a little early yet.  It will be another week or two before the most brilliant colors appear but the signs are all here that it's just around the corner.

Soon we'll drain the irrigation lines and shut down the pump for the year.  We'll be working with the dogs to refresh their memories of what truffles smell like (as if they needed it).  We'll be doing the last of the farm tours for the year since we don't do that during harvest season.

You might say, we're in transition.  It's one I look forward to every year just as much as I look forward to the green leaves popping out in the spring.  Harvest time (December through February) is almost here.  Can't wait!

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