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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope every one of you had a great Christmas holiday and that the new year will be full of prosperity and positive energy for all your endeavors.  I certainly look forward to 2012 myself.

The orchards here at Keep Your Fork haven't brought us any truffles yet this year.  In lean years past, I have purchased truffles from other growers and made them available to folks on my customer list.  If you're one of those, please send me an email and I'll be happy to bring in some truffles just for you.  I don't make any money on that.  I just do it as a service for my truffle loving customers.  I know that eventually I'll have truffles from my own orchards for you so it helps to just keep in touch while we wait.

Always in search of treasure!
In news from other growers and importers, what I hear is that truffles are in short supply and not very flavorful yet.  The season seems to be getting off to a slow start.  That happens.  We never have any control over when ripe truffles begin to appear.  That's part of the great truffle mystique.  However, we growers are also pretty picky when it comes to flavor and aroma.  There's almost no such thing as a lousy truffle as long as it hasn't fully deteriorated.  From my own experience, I've never shipped or been shipped a bad truffle.

In other news, it is my intention to continue to look for ways that our business can strengthen and contribute to the community where we live.  The Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina has a program called the BackPack Program.  It provides food for the week-end for students who are enrolled in the free breakfast and lunch programs in the schools.  Truffles NC, LLC will be working to organize a benefit dinner on February 11, 2012, for that program.  That's the Saturday before Valentine's Day.  If you want to treat your Valentine to a delicious truffle dinner and contribute to this worthwhile charity, please send me a note and I'll send you more information as it becomes available.  The minimum donation requested is $50.00 per person.  Dinner will be preceded by a wine tasting and folks can buy the wine they like best to accompany their dinner.  We will donate the truffles and other truffle products and hope to see it become an annual event here in Stokes County.  This year's dinner will take place at Coffee, Tea and Me on Dalton Road in downtown King.   I truly hope to see some of you there.

Think Truffles!!  Friday is constantly looking for the next big find!!

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