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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keeping the Truffle Experience Real

After watching the last video about truffle growing (or not) in Australia, I felt compelled to write about something that isn't mentioned there - or anywhere else that I have seen.  Truffle Perfume

Most people I meet outside the truffle growers and truffle lovers community - those who are just getting introduced to truffles - don't realize that what they have tasted and smelled in the past is truffle perfume.  Most oils and salts offered on the North American market today are FLAVORED.  That's a whole different thing from the real thing.

I visited a specialty gourmet food shop recently specifically for the purpose of buying the truffle salt they sell which is supposed to be REAL truffle salt.  Balderdash!  It's no more the real thing than anything else I've tasted which is truffle flavored.  I promptly brought it home, opened it and compared it to truffle salt I made from real black winter perigord truffles finely chopped and added to salt.  They are nothing alike at all.  I find this all the time.  How do we teach people what the real thing tastes like?  They're conditioned to the taste of this fake stuff.  Disgusting!

I have had people taste my truffle butter and compare it to other truffle flavored butter and actually prefer the flavored stuff.  I don't get it.  Once you've tasted the real thing, wouldn't you want to always have the real thing?  After all, you can buy flavoring anywhere.

It's sort of like having fresh vegetables and meat from farms that are local as compared to food that's been shipped from hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Is that a fair comparison?

I need to know what you think.  Comments?

Ok.  Back to the never ending job of pruning in the orchard.

Think Truffles!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Australia's Truffle Projects a Mixed Bag

As we spend the last weeks of summer enjoying cool mornings in the orchards, I thought I'd share another interesting link I received from another truffle entrepreneur here in NC. Enjoy!

If you've been following the blog for a while, you may be beginning to see how the seasons affect the farming part of this venture.  Usually we have HEAT and DRY weather to complain about and agonize over wondering if we're watering enough.  We have been blessed with rain this summer -- another 1+ inch in the last 24 hours.  We feel smiled upon.

Think Truffles!