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Monday, November 21, 2011

SavorNC Magazine | January/February 2011

Last year this time, Savor NC Magazine did an article about truffles and we were included.  This year, we'll get a spot of our own.  I'll post the link when the article appears but it will be in the January/February issue again.  In case you missed it, here's last year's article  SavorNC Magazine | January/February 2011

Thanks to the Bloom Agency for this picture.
We were ready for the hunt.
Ready for sales just in time for the holidays are truffle salt and truffle honey.  We have Celtic Sea Salt from Selina Naturally in Arden, NC  to mix with our black winter truffles.  The fabulous aroma will make you swoon -- guaranteed.  We have North Carolina honey provided by Reynolda Farm Market  where they already sell our truffle butter.  We just mix that honey with black winter truffles and, trust me, it is fabulous.  The salt and honey will be available at Let It Grow Produce beginning Friday after Thanksgiving so add those products to your own wish lists and to the gift lists for all your truffle loving friends.

Now, on to more farm-like matters.  We're looking at ongoing pruning over the next couple of weeks.  With the warm weather here (a balmy 70F today) and the filbert trees sprouting new little branches and green leaves budding out faster than the old ones can die off, it's looking like we could get this pruning job under control and keep it that way.  Sounds good to me.

Friday and Dazy are getting anxious to hunt truffles.  We've had a cold snap and good rain so very soon now we'll take them to the orchard and see what they find.  Stay tuned...