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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Tis The Season"

Today I got some REALLY GOOD NEWS.  Those of you who know us personally know how hard we have been working to establish a relationship with Whole Foods.  Today it became a reality with the Whole Foods Store in Durham placing their first order for Truffle Butter, sold there under the Maple View Farms label.  It will be on their shelf Monday.  Thank you Whole Foods and Roger Nutter at Maple View Farms.   We are so very excited to have this product available through this outlet all across North Carolina.  It is very affirming for us and for our partners at Maple View Farms.  So, go to your favorite Whole Foods store in North Carolina and tell the dairy buyer that you want truffle butter from Truffles NC.  Each and every jar comes with its own recipe tag for your serving suggestions.  Then let me know how you like it.  AND Thank you for your patronage.

Now, let's talk about other stuff related to truffles and the season which is almost upon us. I heard from my friend Mary James Laurence  that the truffle season is just in the start-up phase in France. Mary James leads tours and is my "go to" person for what's happening "on the ground" so to speak for the truffle season across the pond.  It's off to a slow start.  The truffles are not very flavorful or aromatic yet.  Best ones probably won't be there for 2 to 3 more weeks.  This is confirmed by my friend, Frank Brunacci in Chicago as well.  Frank is a truffle distributor who is not only knowledgeable about the truffle markets but also very trustworthy -- a good man to know if you love truffles like I love truffles.

I have been to the orchard with the dogs, just doing a little refresher course.  Friday is definitely at the top of his game.  Dazy, not so much.  Over the next couple of weeks, Friday and I will work with Dazy a little and she will do a good job, I'm sure.  If you're not on my email list to be notified when we have truffles, please send me an email.  You can do it from the website.

Here's another video you might enjoy. Truffle frenzy is mounting here, can you tell?

Think Truffles!!!