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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Truffles NC Food Show Participation - Fun & Furiously Busy!!

If you haven't yet seen the new logo... Here she is!

Our table at the Flavors of Carolina Food Show in Charlotte last week.
To be repeated in Raleigh March 20.
I visited with lots of chefs and gourmet grocery buyers who didn't know that we grow truffles and we make value-added products from them all the time. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to broadcast what we've been saying all along to smaller groups and begin to get the word out in a big way.  Maybe we can reach our target market through shows. That's what I'm hoping.  Friday I'll be in Greensboro at an open house for Fresh Market telling them my truffle story.  I do love to tell the story.

I have made some pretty bold statements about our products and I'm going to make them again and again -- just because it's true.  

I am the only person outside of your chef's kitchen making completely and absolutely authentic all-natural truffle products from very simple ingredients: butter, Celtic sea salt and honey.  I would rather close my doors than add flavorings and other "stuff" to our products.  What's the point in selling something that's called "truffle" if it's not the real thing?  I don't believe in doing anything other than educating my customers about what truffles really taste like.  I'm not saying those other products don't taste good, they're just not the real thing. 

OK.  Thanks for letting me rant -- AGAIN.  

If you haven't visited the website lately, please do.  We've made lots of changes and it's really coming together.  Soon folks will be able to buy our products online.  I'm excited about that!!

I'm in the midst of gathering my tribe for food events in Stokes County to raise more money for the BackPack Program.  My goal is to have one food event every quarter -- some truffle related and some simply local foods related -- and offer something for everyone.  I'm doing this in my spare time (ha ha :-)) because the thought of hungry children haunts me.   

Let me know if you want to help.  It's going to take a mountain-sized  (as in Sauratown -- from Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock) effort to bring this off but, I know it can be done.  My biggest challenge here will be to exercise some patience while it comes together.

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