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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Truffle Dinner Sold Out - What's Next??

That's how much fun it was.  Rick and I had the best time bringing this group of truffle-loving folks together for a good cause.  We beamed for the next couple of days.  It was a wonderful event and we raised some money for a very worthy cause -- the BackPack Program of the Second Harvest Food Bank for schools in Stokes County.  We will do it again.  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated -- whether by donation from afar, in spirit or by your attendance.  It was a very soul-satisfying experience -- and the food was indescribably delicious!

As for what's next -- I'm on the road again to the National Truffle Festival in Asheville  for seminars on Friday.  It will be good to see fellow truffle enthusiasts and meet the speakers.  Will you be there?

Then, it's on to planning with Chef John Bobbi for the truffle dinner at Noble's Grille in Winston-Salem on February 29th.  See you there?  

Truffle season is fun -- whether we have truffles in our own orchard or not -- and, this year, we got skunked, literally!

We have seen lots of evidence in the orchard that something has been digging up our treasures and depriving us of the fruits of our labors.  We suspect skunks and have had another truffle grower agree.  We know we have lots of skunks around.  Friday (bless his heart) got skunked right in the face one morning when we went out before daylight to stretch our legs.  Can you imagine getting that close to a skunk?  He still smells faintly like one.
We've had a little snow and it's still laying in the shady places.  The day before the snow, I was in the orchard pruning (I hope for the last time until early fall) AGAIN.  Remember, I told you it is a never-ending chore, but the fresh air was so good I couldn't complain.  Those 60 degree days in February are few and far between ordinarily but this year has been the exception.  How will climate change affect our truffle production?  We will have to wait and see.

Until next time -- Think Truffles!!