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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time to Add Some Lavender to the Mix

Whoa!! I had no idea how long it had been since I connected with my truffle friends.  FaceBook and Twitter just aren't enough.  I was feeling very disconnected and now I know why.  Let me bring you up to speed.

It is HOT!  Entirely too hot for May here in the foothills.  I think I heard yesterday on the local weather report that it hadn't been this hot for this long in May since 2006.  Our weather patterns are definitely changing.

Glad I have irrigation, too, even though I'm having a little trouble keeping it working these days.  I'll get it worked on by a professional soon.  I've already exhausted all the free help I can find.  Maybe we'll get some relief in the form of a thundershower tomorrow or Thursday.  I'm hoping..............

So, anyway, how about some new pictures?  We went out today and planted the first of our lavender plants.

 Isn't that cute? Those rocks will make it easy for me to find her for extra water this first season since it's really better to plant it in the fall.  She is planted right in the middle of the field where one of the oaks didn't survive and that empty space was just waiting for some lavender.  It's one of the angusifolias and should do really well there.  I have more to plant but that's the very first one.  Lavender is a very good companion crop for truffles because it will (theoretically, right?) thrive in the same high pH.  We'll see.....

As you can see from the picture below, this "new" orchard, now moving into its 4th year, is truly growing by leaps and bounds.  The tree closest to you in the picture is a "blight resistant/immune" filbert.  and behind it is one of the oaks.  Then a filbert, then an oak.  You get the idea.

Here you have a view across the orchard after the tilling.  I added lime and gypsum before the tilling started.  Just look at that beautiful rich red dirt.  You can almost hear the truffles forming  :-) 

And here's a better look at an oak.  Ignore the weeds around it.  We're going to aim a flame thrower at those soon.  No roundup here.  Either the weeds get pulled or burned or maybe frozen if I can find the guy who does that around here.

Now, for some news about other things going on here.  Today the tree man started taking down some trees that hinder the traffic pattern from one orchard to the other through the woods.  It's going to look much more "park-like" soon.  I like that idea.  Dazy and Friday are happy about it, too,  Here's Friday chillin' in the shade.
By the time the Carolina Farm Stewardship Piedmont Farm Tour hits the place on June 7th, it will all be finished and maybe we can put some lawn chairs out there for folks to cool off a little before they head out to the next farm.  I hope you will all take advantage of the special pricing available that day.  Come on out to Stokes County and see some farmers in action, meet our dogs, taste some truffle stuff and enjoy the countryside.  Seriously, folks, come see us!

Think Truffles!!

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  1. Wonderful activities! I'm excited about the lavender ... going to be beautiful. Your trees look wonderful ... and of course, those pooches too. Pat


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