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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Carolina Farm Stewardship Event Hugely Successful!!

I know I told you about the upcoming farm tour a few weeks ago but this really blew my mind.  I had no idea how many people to expect so, of course, I prepared for throngs.
Port-a-John and Kubota resting comfortably after their workout

This past week-end convinced me (just in case there was ever a doubt) that lots of people are interested in truffle growing. 

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (of which I am a member farm) held its first ever Triad Farm Tour on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  It was a huge success!  CFSA has been doing farm tours in other areas for a long time but this was the first in our geographic area.

I had no idea how many people to expect and prepared for the crowd.  We had 93 visitors on Saturday and 40 on Sunday.  We probably would have had more on Sunday but it rained in the middle of the afternoon so it may have kept a few people away.  As soon as it stopped raining, my visitors started arriving again. 

I had volunteers to work with folks while I told the truffle story.  We gave tastes of our truffle butter and truffle honey (and sold a bunch of it!)  We sold out of the truffled white chocolate and we weren’t even sampling it.

Children and adults all enjoyed the visit and really engaged and asked good questions.  I was very pleased with the way everyone respected the property, interacted with the dogs, took away brochures and business cards to share with friends and family.  I passed out NATGA brochures along with my own farm brochures and had an opportunity for a professor from Illinois State University who teaches an online course in sustainable agriculture to film my spiel to share with her students in the fall.

It was a very rewarding experience.  If you live in North or South Carolina and have not joined CFSA, whether you are a farmer or not, I heartily encourage you to do so. Everybody wants good healthy food and CFSA really supports farmers.

Agricultural and Culinary Tourism are on the rise and the mystery of truffles really brings people out!  So happy to be here!  Hope you all have a great summer!!

Think Truffles!

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