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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Truffles for Fun and Community Support!

Truffles NC and Flavor NC -- What a team!  
Courtesy of Flavor NC
Just in case you missed all the FaceBook posts about our last tv appearance, wouldn't want you to feel left out so Here's the Link.
We really had a good time with the Flavor NC folks.  Friday did a reasonably good job given the distraction by the neighbor dog from across the road doing her little dance the whole time we were out there in the orchard.  The videographer kept trying to get a good shot of Friday "finding" the truffle (which I personally brought back from France) hidden under a hazelnut tree. Everyone is fascinated by the truffle hunt -- real or fabricated.  I admit, it is fun for the spectators and for Friday.  I always enjoy it.  Still keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that one of my orchards will bring me more than the ONE truffle we found last December.  It's been a long time now since we found pounds of truffles in our orchards but that day will come again.

In keeping with my commitment to the community and to those less fortunate, it's time to start promoting the truffle dinner for 2015.  My graphic designer, Laura Hardy in Pilot Mountain donated her time and talent to produce the logo.  Now, it's time to let the reservations begin!  Watch the website for links to payment options or email me if you just can't wait!
Proceeds will benefit Victims of Domestic Violence in Stokes and Surry Counties -- neither of which has a safe shelter for folks fleeing abusive situations.  I would really like to change that!  You may remember that I sponsored a couple of truffle dinners to raise money for the Second Harvest FoodBank's Backpack program.  This time, I decided it was time to look a little deeper at root causes for hunger and domestic violence with all its complexities definitely plays a part.  Family is the heart of the community and I know families need help in all kinds of ways.  The Saura Mountains are the heart of our community, too, so it seemed a perfect theme.  We're planning to have the dinner in Pilot Mountain on Valentine's Day (which is a Saturday) so come on up and join us.  I promise it will be fun and delicious!

Dinner tickets will be $100 each and seating is limited.  Wine will be paired with each course.  Menu is a work in progress.

Time to go for now.  Got to get out and enjoy some fall sunshine while it lasts. 
Thanks for reading and  -- THINK TRUFFLES!!


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