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Friday, March 6, 2015

Truffle Season is Over for Another Year

This past truffle season has been very hard here at Keep Your Fork Farm.  If you are not my Facebook Friend, you have not seen the sad news posted there.  Because mourning is a process, I'll share the news here as I deal with the devastating loss of my constant companion and truffle hunter extraordinaire,
 Friday Smith

Our love for this beautiful dog (inside and out) runs very deep.  He loved this place and enjoyed his life here as much as we enjoyed having him be a part of it.  He hunted every truffle, greeted every visitor, walked the woods, played catch and sat on the couch with me every day. Kidney disease, (the effects of which were multiplied and complicated by his being hit by a car) took him away much too soon.

I'm grateful to have his sidekick, Dazy, still here to keep me company and hunt truffles.  Dazy's a good truffle dog.  She's working through missing him in her own way, too.

Another year has passed with no truffles from our orchards.  That did not surprise me.  It is almost time to replace the #2 orchard.  When the weather clears, we'll get to it.  We have had a couple of significant snows  and some really bitter cold.  My farmer gene continues to believe that next year will be better.

The Asheville Truffle Experience was successful.  We will pick the dates for next year soon.  I'll be in touch about that.

The Heart of the Community Dinner went well.  We raised almost $3,000 for The Children's Law Center representing children living in homes with domestic violence.  More work with them in the near term.

I retired from my position as Executive Director of the North American Truffle Growers' Association.  I leave them with a really great slate of officers in charge.  If you want to apply for the position, let me know.

The farm is still for sale but I am not anxious to leave.  Until the right buyer comes along, I'll be right here.

Thanks for being with me on the truffle journey.

As always,
Think Truffles!!


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