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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Trouble with Truffles

WGHP Fox 8's Bob Buckley visited the farm a few weeks ago.  Bob is an Emmy Award winning journalist and really captured our current situation.  Here's the scoop

Stay tuned.  There's more news coming.  Hint:  Watch for Our State Magazine in August.

In a few weeks. I'll be planting 10-15 more inoculated trees -- Holly oaks -- from Virginia Truffle.

With that done, the orchard will be poised for furthering the research project.  It will contain Filberts from the original planting with trees supplied by Garland Truffles, Chinkapin oaks from New World Truffiere in Oregon and Holly oaks from Virginia Truffle in (where else?) Virginia!!  All inoculated and at various stages of maturity and potential. 

Some would-be/wanna-be truffle farmer really should come see the unlimited potential this project affords.  Where are you?  Visit via the link or come in person OR both!  This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime if you are really serious about your truffle aspirations.  There's no time like the present.  Bring your entrepreneurial style!

That's all for now.

Think Truffles!


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