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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall Updates in the Truffle Orchard

 Busyness at Keep Your Fork Farm has taken on a whole new meaning in the past couple of months.  Let's see.  Where shall I begin?

The beauties you see in the picture to the right are the holly oaks out there on the deck drinking up our fabulous soaking rain right now in preparation for planting in the next 2 or 3 weeks.  They have weathered our summer just great, hardened off as the days have shortened and the nights have cooled and now, they're ready to go in the ground!  In fact, I can see them reaching for it.  They will join the trees in the picture below.  Leaves turning golden on the filbert trees will soon be falling off.  Then the pruning begins.  Those trees need about half their branches pruned out.  I'm glad there are only 50 of them to prune.  

So, you ask, what's all the busyness about?  Well, that lovely group in the picture to my left are the Marketing Team from Whole Foods Market in Winston-Salem.  They visited the farm following my demo in the store just to see what truffle farming is really all about.  We had a great visit.  Thanks for coming out!  Team Winston-Salem really rocks!

So, then, it was on to the Whole Foods Market North Raleigh where I was cooking with my BFF Sherry and we cooked up truly remarkable mushrooms with truffle butter and she shared this recipe that was nothing short of amazing.  Wish I had some right now!  

Gently heat some truffle butter, chop shiitake mushrooms, mix 'em together and salt with truffle salt.  Add a little cream if you want it more saucey.  You're on your own with quantities.  Get creative!  Serve it over pasta -- literally to die for........

From there, I was on to the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Expo and the NC Department of Agriculture Pavilion where yours truly spent 2 days literally buttering them up.  Got to be NC offers great opportunities for exposure like this.  I appreciate you, guys.

My neighbors at the expo were the "Muscadine Ladies" from Lu-Mil Vineyards and D'Vine Foods. (They have great cabins for retreats, y'all)  
They really know how to put on a show!!
Thanks to Denise and Karla for keeping me entertained and juiced!

Well, I know that wasn't a lot of news about truffle growing, folks, but sometimes I have to do other things to raise the money to pay for maintenance and upkeep in the orchards.  I think it's about time for those truffles to start paying for themselves.  What do you think?  15 years in the truffle farming venture and I'm still having to keep a day job to support my farm habit.  Maybe this will be the year that puts me back in the black!

Nevertheless, I'm beginning to think about the truffle dinner possibilities for February and March.  Stay tuned for that or email me if you just can't wait.  Seats will be limited.

Oh well,

'til next time

Think Truffles!!