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Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Year Later and Where Does The Time Go??!!

Where do I start?  How about with a new dog?

You may remember that I lost my beautiful Border Collie, Friday, to kidney disease and its complications.  What a heartbreak!  When I started thinking about a new companion for Dazy, I looked for Border Collie mixes.  What I decided on was a Bordoodle.  Then I found a reputable breeder in Wisconsin, BFF Training. 
Then, it became a roadtrip!!

Mr. Shiner joined the family in December last year.  He's a beautiful Bordoodle!  Don't you agree?  His mama is a registered Border Collie and his daddy is a registered Poodle.

He is just a year old and with more energy than I ever thought a puppy could have.  Whew! He really keeps me on my toes.  He starts his truffle sniffing training next week.  I know he will be a pro!

Truffle season is fast approaching.  The big field needs mowing.  You can see the tall weeds behind Shiner there.  As an experiment, I didn't try to keep the field mowed all summer as I have in years past.  I didn't want the equipment in the field and since most of the trees had been cut down, I didn't see much need to manicure it like before.  When it gets mowed in the next couple of weeks, we'll see if that was a good idea or not.  I'm already having my doubts.

 Dazy will finally have some competition in the truffle hunting arena again.  She's not worried!  She has been a real trooper with the new pup, though.  At 10 years old, she is very spry and active.  I think bringing him on board has been good for her in all kinds of ways.

 The 6 year old filberts are dropping their leaves pretty quickly and the pruning will be really easy once the leaves are down.  I will probably cut off all the little sucker limbs and about half the limbs in the center.  All these trees are very healthy.  Since we got truffles with the first planting in this orchard within 6 years, I hope this is the magic year!  I need some encouragement.  Even a handful would be great!

 The oak trees in the little field need pruning, too.  Make no mistake about it -- we will be ready!

That's all for now, folks.  I have to hit the kitchen for final preparation for our showing at the Raffaldini Vineyards Harvest Festival tomorrow.  If you're in the area, stop by to sample and take home some truffle treats!  I would love to see you there.

"til next time

Think Truffles!


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